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Startups at Polymesse

The following startups will take part in Polymesse 2022:

Tuesday, 5th April 2022

VORN Sports -Stall Nr. 26

Digitalization is continuously changing the way we deal with health and performance data in our daily lives. Quantified Self - the observation of the body through mobile monitoring of cardiovascular and biometric data, collection of further body functions including movement, encrypted recording, storage and transmission of these data and their AI - and algorithm-based analysis are part of the core content of the VORN system. Added to this is a blockchain-based data sharing module that will take data use into the next decade.

Starting in sports, the system will be continuously developed for the application area of workforce analytics until it will finally be used as a Big Data application in the Med Tech sector. If your heart beats for exciting years of interdisciplinary research, development and market introduction in teamwork- you are definitely born to be VORN!

Wednesday, 6th April 2022

ANYbotics AG - Stall Nr. 26

ANYbotics is a Swiss robotics company pioneering the development of autonomous mobile robotics. Their walking robots move beyond conventional, purpose-built environments and solve customer problems in challenging infrastructure so far only accessible to humans. Founded in 2016 as a spin-off from the world-leading robotics labs at ETH Zurich, ANYbotics has a fast-growing team of over 90 employees set out to revolutionize industries with robotics technologies. Their customers include leading international energy, industrial processing, and construction companies. In 2020, ANYbotics raised CHF 20 m in a Series A financing round and won several prizes, including the Swiss Economic Forum 2020 award.

REOR20 AG - Stall Nr. 34

REOR20 develops the next generation of computational models, providing highly accurate flood hazard information globally at significantly lower cost. To achieve this goal, the startup combines high-fidelity computational engineering tools with innovative AI methodologies, enabling detailed modelling while employing minimum resources. REOR20 was incorporated in 2019 and since January 2022 is an alumni of the ESA BIC CH and is selected to join the Upscaler program of the Swiss Entrepreneur Foundation. REOR20’s growing team is a mix of people with the highest scientific credentials and wide business experience.
REOR20 raised +CHF1M in funding until now and currently is building a decentralised market for Flood Risk Transfer products.

Artifact S.A. - Stall Nr. 35

Artifact is an IT-services and IT-consulting startup that specialises in data science and AI. Its small team combines 50 years of experience in AI challenges with over 60 use cases and more than 200 successful projects in a variety of industries. Moreover the startup has already filed over 20 patents and ist actively involved in various strategic thought leaderships.


Thursday, 7th April 2022

Linia GmbH - Stall Nr. 26

Linia is the leading software company for digitalised drone inspection of power lines in Switzerland. The start-up develops integrated solutions for the maintenance of overhead power lines and offers software solutions from data acquisition to visualisation and data analysis. Grid operators thus have better transparency about the condition of their power grid and can carry out predictive maintenance.

Lumiphase - Stall Nr. 34

Lumiphase builds optical communication chips to help network equipment vendors and cloud providers manage the exploding data traffic. Their products enable chips to interact using light in the most efficient way, facilitating sustainable growth of the information technology industry, and ultimately transforming computing, networking and sensing. They design and manufacture optical engines based on their proprietary technology, delivering leading edge efficiency and scalability.

Verity AG - Stall Nr. 35 and 36

Verity is the global leader in autonomous indoor drone systems and a leading provider of drone failsafe technology. In the logistics and warehousing industries, Verity’s solutions automate inventory management, monitoring, and inspection tasks, providing clients such as IKEA and DSV actionable insights into their daily operations. Founded in 2014, Verity's drones have safely completed more than 250,000 autonomous flights, in more than 100 facilities in 20 countries worldwide.

Scewo AG - Stall Nr. 42

Scewo is an ETH spinoff founded in 2014. Since then they have grown to a team of over 40 that is proud to have fully developed the only power wheelchair in the world that combines driving on two wheels with climbing stairs. The wheelchair can both safely and comfortably navigate up and down stairs and overcome obstacles of up to 5 cm in size with ease. Equipped with sensors, the wheelchair measures the environment and recognises for example the end of a staircase all by itself. In addition, thanks to regular software updates, it is becoming more and more intelligent and is constantly learning new functions.

LEDCity AG - Stall Nr. 43

LEDCity AG is a fast-growing cleantech start-up specialising in intelligent lighting solutions. With LEDCity's technology, AI-trained algorithms control the light autonomously and dynamically. This means that rooms are only illuminated when it actually makes sense to do so. The duration and intensity of light can thus be adapted to the actual lighting requirements. With the help of its smart plug-and-play lighting systems, LEDCity AG can reduce energy consumption by up to 90 percent.

ONE PM AG - Stall Nr. 44

ONE PM is a Swiss software development company in the B2B business specialising in automated financial data processing. The software provided by ONE PM enables automated and efficient processing of financial data according to the latest regulatory standards, in the highest possible quality. ONE PM has a solution that centrally processes and standardises all securities transactions - regardless of their origin. The data is standardised and made available to each customer in the desired form on a daily basis.

Nexxiot AG - Stall Nr. 45

Nexxiot AG from Zurich, Switzerland, is a driver of the digital logistics of tomorrow. The company’s goal is to enable a five percent reduction in global CO2 cargo emissions by increasing cargo transport efficiency and eliminating waste caused by empty runs and inefficient routes. To achieve this, the company empowers its clients to leverage the power of their data with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, Nexxiot provides an integrated solution to track, find and protect cargo from over 160 countries around the globe and across 450 network roaming partners to ensure trust, security, and efficiency.

Sleepiz AG - Stall Nr. 46

Sleepiz AG (Ltd.) is a Zürich based startup with a mission to provide patient-centric disease management through seamless integration of contactless monitoring into people’s homes. Sleepiz leverages the power of sleep insights with a device that is simply placed next to the bed. The device operates in a non-contact fashion and measures movements originating from heart contractions and breathing patterns, as well as body motions with medical grade accuracy. Within 3 years, the ETH spin-off has grown to a team of more than 40 people including PhDs in engineering, data modelling and signal processing, as well as business and healthcare professionals.

Resonant Link - Stall Nr. 47

Resonant Link's breakthrough coil technology shatters the fundamental barriers of wireless charging. Their multi-layer self-resonant structure (MSRS) is unmatched in speed, price, weight, and size, with 5x higher performance than conventional coils. The MSRS is built on common PCB manufacturing lines and can be manufactured entirely without copper, making it cheap and easy to produce. Thus, Resonant Link's technology fundamentally changes the value of wireless charging in all applications, with proven gains from medical devices to consumer electronics to electric vehicles.

Tinamu Labs - Stall Nr. 48

Tinamu Labs offers an environment-independent, drone-based, end-to-end data acquisition platform. Repetitive, fast and consistent data capturing allows the realization of digital twins. Via cloud connectivity, the collected data is processed in real-time and reports are generated automatically. Thus, Tinamu Labs enables the creation of novel and more consistent data records while costs are significantly reduced.

Mantis Technologies GmbH - Stall Nr. 49

Mantis Technologies is an acknowledged ETH Spin-off in the field of Computer Vision. Mantis Technologies' mission is to bring the third dimension into industrial camera applications and build smarter visual systems for safer and more efficient industrial processes. Combined with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, the startup strives to enable human-level vision.

Embotech AG - Stall Nr. 50

Embotech is a leading provider of decision-making software for autonomous driving systems for private grounds and smart factories. The company’s embeddable software empowers autonomous systems to make decisions by solving complex optimization problems in milliseconds, bringing significant improvements in safety, productivity and energy efficiency. With its virtual driver software PRODRIVER, Embotech provides an L4 system capable of planning and executing highly complex and dynamic maneuvers, which makes it ideal for driving around dynamic obstacles, in tight spaces and mixed traffic. Applications include automated driving for passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as industrial robotics automation.