Polyvorträge / Polylectures

The Polylectures are a series of presentations taking place before and during Polymesse. Around 30 companies get the opportunity to present topics concerning a product or service of theirs. These presentations are a chance to get an insight to typical projects and the working atmosphere of the companies as well as possibilities to enter the company (be it employment, internship or master thesis).

No registration is required for the Polylectures.

Overview Polylectures

Tuesday, 05. April 2022
  • Von der ETH in die Welt der Projekte

    AWK Group AG

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F5 (main building ETH)
    Julia Badertscher, Lukas Möller und David Carnal

  • Sensirion AG - the sensor company / Smart Sensors to protect climate and environment

    Sensirion AG

    12:15 - 13:00, HG G5 (main building ETH)
    Nico Studer, R&D Engineer

  • BKW – Mein Einstieg als Trainee Energiewirtschaft


    12:15 - 13:00, HG E7 (main building ETH)
    Timmy Frischknecht

  • Synpulse – als Unternehmensberater an der pulsierenden Schnittstelle zw. Business und Technologie

    Synpulse Schweiz AG, Management Consulting

    13:15 - 14:00, HG G3 (main building ETH)

  • Insights into a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, and transport

    Siemens Schweiz AG

    13:15 - 14:00, HG F5 (main building ETH)
    Dr. Michael Kiy - Director Innovation Management

  • Innovation & Beyond: Why Johnson & Johnson Needs Brilliant Minds More Than Ever

    Johnson & Johnson

    12:15 - 13:00, HG G3 (main building ETH)
    Mindaugas Plieskis, Director Medical Affairs Switzerland & Simon Huser, Digital Health Specialist

  • How to start your journey with ABB.

    ABB Schweiz AG

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F7 (main building ETH)
    Aarani Sivanantharajah (Employer Branding & Early Talent Acquisition) & Marcos Fabricio da Silva (R&D Project Manager, Analytics)

  • Klimaneutrale SBB – Als Projektleiter die Zukunft der SBB mitgestalten


    13:15 - 14:00, HG F7 (main building ETH)
    Marco Weibel - Projektleiter Klimaneutrale Strassenfahrzeuge

  • Get to know ALTEN Switzerland - the reference partner in providing engineering services to world leading companies

    ALTEN Switzerland AG

    13:15 - 14:00, HG G5 (main building ETH)
    Thedoros Aldakos and Emir Sanusoglu

  • Altman Solon: Strategy Consulting in TMT (Telco, Media & Tech)

    Altman Solon

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F3 (main building ETH)
    Dr. Christoph Sommer (Principal Zurich Office)

  • Patient im Fokus – wie eine App Krebspatienten helfen kann

    Open Web Technology

    13:15 - 14:00, HG E7 (main building ETH)
    Philippe Hefti, Stephan Kraus

Wednesday, 06. April 2022
  • Ready for high-tech of tomorrow?

    Axetris, Company of the Leister Group

    13:15 - 14:00, HG E1.2 (main building ETH)
    Vinu Venkatraman (Manager Metrology & Testing) / Roger Ulrich (MEMS Development Engineer/Focus testing & analysis)

  • Introduction to the development drug delivery devices and the pharmaceutical packaging

    F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

    12:15 - 13:00, HG E7 (main building ETH)
    Florian Wildenhahn, Head of Human Factors Engineering

  • Model based development in Ypsomed - A Graduate’s Journey Into Medtech

    Ypsomed AG

    13:15 - 14:00, HG F7 (main building ETH)
    Krista Kappeler, Manager Product Development (Algorithms Development)

  • Pharma Consulting at Simon-Kucher: Learn the Secrets of Cell & Gene Therapy Pricing

    Simon Kucher & Partners

    12:15 - 13:00, HG E3 (main building ETH)
    Joerg Tritschler (Partner), Dr. Martin Slusarczik (Senior Manager), Dr. Roxan Calvo (Senior Consultant)

  • Field of view expansion – live demonstration

    Optotune Switzerland AG

    13:15 - 14:00, HG E1.1 (main building ETH)
    Andreas Amrein – Application Engineer

  • Work at Unit8 - How to generate impact with Data, Analytics and Software Engineering?

    Unit8 SA

    13:15 - 14:00, HG E3 (main building ETH)
    Michal Rachtan, CTO & Antoine Allard, Data Scientist

  • A Random Walk Through Distributed System's Research

    IBM Research

    12:15 - 13:00, HG E1.1 (main building ETH)
    Sean Rooney

  • Huawei Technologies. The Spirit of Innovation


    12:15 - 13:00, HG F5 (main building ETH)
    Moses Wang

  • Pictet Group is a 217 year old start-up. Are you up for the challenge?

    Pictet Group

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F7 (main building ETH)
    Jiani Liu, Data Engineer / Florent Garcin, Head of Data, Analytics & Tech / Carni Manoukian, HR Business Partner (all Pictet Asset Management)

  • In praise of good old engineering and the art of creation

    Dätwyler Schweiz AG

    12:15 - 13:00, HG E1.2 (main building ETH)
    Samira Jafari - Global Head of Advanced Technologies Development and Innovation

  • Shape tomorrow today with the Power+ Graduate Program

    Hitachi Energy

    13:15 - 14:00, HG E7 (main building ETH)
    Marina Durrer, Vitaly Koren

Thursday, 07. April 2022
  • Demystifying McKinsey - Learn about consulting

    McKinsey & Company

    13:15 - 14:00, HG F5 (main building ETH)

  • Einblicke in das Arbeitsleben von drei ETH-Alumni bei Accenture


    13:15 - 14:00, HG E7 (main building ETH)
    Adrian Peloso, Transformation Excellence Consultant / Marc Zollinger, marc.zollinger@accenture.com / Emilie Epiney, Data Engineering Analyst

  • Cybersecurity at PwC – making the cyber world a safer space

    PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers AG)

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F7 (main building ETH)
    Doruntina Jakupi, Manager Cybersecurity / Alexander North, Consultant Cybersecurity

  • Management Consulting: an exciting career opportunity for Scientists & Engineers

    Roland Berger AG

    13:15 - 14:00, HG F3 (main building ETH)
    Herr Manish Marwaha (Partner (Capital Goods) und Dr. Victoria Strouvelle (Senior Consultant (Life Science)

  • Bringing Green Energy to New York City

    Boston Consulting Group

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F1 (main building ETH)
    Jeremy Merz (Principal) and Jana Dabovic (Senior Associate)

  • Bainpresentation – Meet Bain & Company

    Bain & Company

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F3 (main building ETH)
    Alan de Riz (Senior Manager) - Maja Žarković (Consultant) - Katharina Meier (Recruiting)

  • Innovative technology for the energy transition made in Zurich

    MAN Energy Solutions Schweiz AG

    12:15 - 13:00, HG E7 (main building ETH)
    Dr. Philipp Jenny, Head of R&D, Project Director ETES Heat Pump Unit for the city of Esbjerg

  • career@EY


    13:15 - 14:00, HG F7 (main building ETH)

  • From ideation to production, a sneak peek into our data analytics practice

    BearingPoint AG

    13:15 - 14:00, HG F1 (main building ETH)
    Tomas Chroust – Partner Data & Analytics Pascal Baur – Senior Business Consultant Starkadur Hrobjartsson – Business Consultant Jacquie-Lou Dadier – Senior Consultant Recruiting

  • Web 3: The future of internet

    Amun & 21Shares

    12:15 - 13:00, HG F5 (main building ETH)